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Trailblazing technology

A fully automated tent that let you rethink the way you use tents

Top Tent is a 2,000 sq ft automated tent that opens like an umbrella. It can be installed in 15 minutes by two operators. Ideal for cultural, corporate and sports events. Accommodates up to 250 people.

TopTent is the most versatile tent on the market offering: · a distinctive and attractive shape and 800 sq ft of printable surface
· a 2000 sq ft of usable space free of any obstacles that can accommodate 150 people sitting, 250 people standing and even more in a discotheque setting which can be set up in less than 2 hours
· a tent that's ready to use after only a 15 minute installation (saving you two days of site occupation)
· a structure able to support up to 2 tons of lighting, sound and projection equipment
· a 14 ft headroom · a guy-rope free design that clears the surrounding area of the tent of any obstacles
· the possibility to decide where to put your openings by raising or lowering any of the twelve panels
· wind resistance of up to 80 mph with anchoring and 30 mph without anchoring
· conformity to North American building codes standards